Friday, December 1, 2017

Blossoming out of the high end of the 1980s Peer Puppet as a band was born. Loud and abrasive, the punk band consisted of a bass player, a guitar player, a singer, and Dave Gaither had heard some arty weirdo with a drum and a place to practice was ripe for the picking. It also consisted of a tolerant mom, enthusiastic pent up teen energy, thrash, and best yet, a scene that would accommodate the music. Peer Puppet would deliver fast and goofy punk music to help young kids jump into each other and provide the much needed stickers for their skateboards. Peer Puppet turned into Sideshow under the insightful guidance of Bernie McGinn and from then on were able to turn novelty into purpose. Several tours from coast to coast at the right time made for unforgettable experiences. This blog reflects the happiness and fortune to be in a band in flier and video form although the content is not in chronological order because, lets face it, using memory is hard. We want to thank all the bands and people that went to every show and everyone that let us stay on their floors. CLICK OTHER POSTS as there are many pages of punky goodness, but you know that because you're not stupid right?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013